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Obtain full visibility of your company’s financial performance with minimal hassle

We believe that a company cannot achieve its full potential without establishing a clear understanding of the systems that are in place to support the KPIs and the benchmarks that are driving the business.

Free Business Healthcheck

Our business health checks provide you with the financial insight you need

From key data on internal controls and available outputs, such as production, productivity and revenue, our business health checks are designed to provide you with full visibility of your company’s financial performance. What’s more, the health check template can be developed and expanded, depending on how many, or few, departments you want to focus on.

Take one of our business health checks and you’ll receive financial clarity on:

  • Building the business

    for instance, do you have the right management team to take the company forward?

  • Working capital concerns

    for example, does your company know the value of each contract in relation to gross profit?

  • Accounting concerns

    for instance, are you confident that all revenues have been identified and invoiced in a timely manner?

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